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The industrialization and innovation trend of Brazilian Northeast Region was the economic keynote of the performance of IMACULADA GORDIANO LAW FIRM, whose declaration of vision highlights the vocation to operate in the economic development, as a transformation agent, providing legal solutions in different areas of corporate law, with competence, quality and results, always guided by the values that underpin this Organization.

Operating since 1994, the law firm has participated of the consolidation of the leather and footwear industrial park in the State of Ceará, as well as of the installation of more than 15 companies in accordance with the state tax incentive model, also in the other states of Brazilian Northeast Region, acting also in the defense of worker cooperatives in many labor public civil actions, which congregated thousands of workers.

The law firm operating model has its focus on the vision of the business institutional aspects, as if it were the legal department of the company, dealing with regulatory issues, tax planning (tax incentives), and labor collective negotiations, and also crisis management. With this way of working, the law firm serves around 80 companies located in Brazilian Northeast Region, offering a differentiated, high-quality, service devoted to exceed the expectations of our clients and of the market as well, with high- performance legal services.

The operating model, together with experience of our clients, has driven the law firm to join Lex Net Law firm alliance (a society which comprises more than 20 law firms in Brazil and abroad specialized in a number of legal areas), which enables the coverage of clients’ legal activities in the main cities of Brazil, and the exchange of legal experiences and products with the other associated law firms.